Mono 1.0 Roadmap
Miguel de Icaza (

Last update: Apr 26th, 2004

The Mono 1.0 is quickly approaching. This document explains the Beta releases that we will be doing as well as the various code freezes that we will have in place.

Mono 1.0 supports most of the features of the .NET Framework 1.0/1.1 with a few exceptions. Some of those features will be available in "preview" mode for this release, but are not going to be officially supported. For a detailed list see the Mono Roadmap and the detailed list of assemblies.

Beta 1: May 4th

After this Beta, no large architectural changes will be added to the CVS repository, with a few exceptions (System.Data, libgdiplus) the code on CVS is considered to be feature complete, and we will only apply bug fixes.

The focus should be on achieving signature compatibility for every assembly we ship, as well as reducing the bug count for everything we have on bugzilla, this is also the first release with the GAC distributed.

Synchornized release of the following CVS modules:

Novell to provide packages for the following platforms:

By the end of this beta period all the 1.0 assemblies to be signature-compatible with .NET 1.1 public APIs.

Daily snapshots to be available every day from this point on for quick turn-around in the bug fixing/reporting.

Beta 2: June 1st

After this release cycle we will focus purely on removing all critical bugs first, and then all normal bugs we can fit on this schedule.

At this point, every module part of the 1.0 release will be branched on CVS, and only bug fixes are to be applied.

Synchornized release of the following CVS modules, modules in bold are additions:

Novell to provide packages for the following platforms:

Mono 1.0 preview release notes to be available at this point.

Mono 1.0: June 30th

Mono 1.0 is launched.