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May 18

Happy 20th Anniversary, Npgsql!


    Happy 20th Anniversary, Npgsql!


   It seems like yesterday when I decided to start Npgsql. And today, Npgsql completes 20 years since the first public beta release!

    On May 18th, 2002, this is what was written in the first release notes of Npgsql  version 0.1:


    First Npgsql beta release.
    In this version there is a limited functionality. It is only possible to connect and disconnect from server.
    Only clear text authentication is supported right now.
    To compile you can use the SharpDevelop to open the Combine file (Npgsql.cmbx) or
type at command console: csc /t:library /out:Npgsql.dll NpgsqlConnection.cs AssemblyInfo.cs NpgsqlException.cs
This will create the file Npgsql.dll that can be copied to the application directory.

    I will be working in the Command functionality now.
    Play with it and send your bugs and comments :)


    It's been a long journey since then. And what a journey!! :)

    It all started when I decided to contribute to the open source community after so much time learning from it.

    At the time, ( year 2002 ), .Net was in its infancy but it looked very promising. Then I decided to create this new project in C#.

    As I wanted to play with network protocols and I also enjoyed working with databases, I started to check if there were .Net Data Providers for some open source database servers.  I ended up picking Postgresql because the communication protocol was very well documented.

    To me, this project is the most important contribution I have ever made to the opensource community. I'm very proud of it! :)

    I'm specially happy because since the beginning, Npgsql is like a reference in the .Net world when talking about connecting to Postgresql.

    Of course, all this wouldn't be possible without the help of a lot of people. I'd like to thank everybody who helped to make Npgsql the success it is today! 

    Thank you!

    Here is a list ( I know it is far from complete, sorry if I missed your name ) of some persons who helped Npgsql to be what it is today: ( I took most of this list from Npgsql1 repository ):

    So, that's it. I just wanted to create a special post for this day!

    Thank you all for reading this far. I'll make some other posts talking about Npgsql history.


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