Application Report

The following 44 APIs (used 152 times) might not work:

There are 164 P/Invokes (used 486 times):

Count Library Function
30 user32 bool setwindowpos(intptr, int, int, int, int, int, int)
27 gdi32.dll intptr selectobject(intptr, intptr)
27 user32 bool postmessage(int, int, int, int)
19 user32 uint mapvirtualkey(uint, uint)
16 user32 int sendmessage(intptr, int, int, int)
13 gdi32 bool deleteobject(intptr)
12 user32 bool trackmouseevent(nativefunctions/trackmouseevent&)
12 user32.dll int releasedc(intptr, intptr)
11 user32 bool getwindowrect(intptr, winapi/rect&)
9 user32 intptr getactivewindow()
8 gdi32.dll bool deletedc(intptr)
8 gdi32.dll intptr createcompatibledc(intptr)
8 user32.dll intptr getforegroundwindow()
8 user32.dll intptr getwindowdc(intptr)
7 user32 int animatewindow(int, int, int)
6 gdi32.dll bool bitblt(intptr, int, int, int, int, intptr, int, int, uint)
6 user32 int setfocus(int)
6 user32 int toascii(uint, uint, byte[], byte[], uint)
6 user32 bool getkeyboardstate(byte[])
6 user32.dll void keybd_event(byte, byte, keyeventfflags, int)
5 scard32 int scardcomand(int32&, string, int32&, string, int32&, string, int32&)
5 user32 bool redrawwindow(intptr, nativefunctions/rect&, intptr, uint)
5 user32.dll int setwindowlong(intptr, int, int)
5 uxtheme.dll int drawthemetextex(intptr, intptr, int, int, string, int, int, themes/rect&, th
4 gdi32.dll intptr createdibsection(intptr, winapi/bitmapinfo, uint, int, intptr, uint)
4 sensapi.dll bool isnetworkalive(int32&)
4 user32 bool redrawwindow(intptr, intptr, intptr, winapi/redrawwindowflags)
4 user32.dll int getscrollbarinfo(intptr, uint, winapi/scrollbarinfo&)
4 user32.dll bool getwindowrect(intptr, rect&)
4 user32.dll intptr getdc(intptr)
3 gdi32.dll bool deleteobject(intptr)
3 hhctrl.ocx intptr htmlhelp(intptr, string, int, int)
3 kernel32.dll bool closehandle(intptr)
3 kernel32.dll int getcurrentthreadid()
3 user32 bool drawiconex(intptr, int, int, intptr, int, int, int, intptr, int)
3 user32 intptr windowfrompoint(nativefunctions/point)
3 user32.dll bool setwindowpos(intptr, intptr, int, int, int, int, setwindowposoptions)
3 user32.dll bool adjustwindowrectex(winapi/rect&, int, bool, int)
3 user32.dll bool unhookwindowshookex(intptr)
3 user32.dll int showwindow(intptr, int16)
3 user32.dll intptr callnexthookex(intptr, int, intptr, intptr)
3 user32.dll int16 getkeystate(int)
3 user32.dll intptr postmessage(intptr, int, int, int)
3 user32.dll int sendmessage(intptr, int, int, int)
3 uxtheme.dll int getthemepartsize(intptr, intptr, int, int, intptr, int, themes/size&)
2 dwmapi.dll int dwmdefwindowproc(intptr, int, intptr, intptr, intptr&)
2 gdi32 int selectcliprgn(intptr, int)
2 gdi32 bool deletedc(int)
2 gdi32 int setrop2(int, int)
2 gdi32 int createdc(string, int, int, int)
2 gdi32.dll backgroundmode setbkmode(intptr, backgroundmode)
2 gdi32.dll int setgraphicsmode(intptr, int)
2 gdi32.dll int setworldtransform(intptr, xform&)
2 gdi32.dll uint settextcolor(intptr, uint)
2 gdi32.dll bool gettextmetrics(handleref, winapi/textmetric)
2 kernel32.dll intptr getstdhandle(uint)
2 kernel32.dll bool setconsoletextattribute(intptr, uint16)
2 sensapi.dll bool isdestinationreachable(string, intptr)
2 user32 intptr childwindowfrompoint(intptr, nativefunctions/point)
2 user32 bool systemparametersinfo(uint, uint, boolean&, uint)
2 user32 bool postmessage(intptr, int, intptr, intptr)
2 user32 bool trackmouseevent(winapi/trackmouseevent&)
2 user32 int sendmessage(intptr, int, intptr, intptr)
2 user32.dll int drawtext(intptr, string, int, rect&, user/drawtextflags)
2 user32.dll int callnexthookex(int, int, intptr, intptr)
2 user32.dll bool updatelayeredwindow(intptr, intptr, point&, size&, intptr, point&, int, ble
2 user32.dll bool updatelayeredwindow(intptr, intptr, nativefunctions/point&, nativefunctions
2 user32.dll bool setmenu(intptr, intptr)
2 user32.dll bool messagebeep(int)
2 user32.dll bool iszoomed(intptr)
2 user32.dll intptr getsystemmenu(intptr, bool)
2 user32.dll bool endpaint(intptr, winapi/paintstruct&)
2 user32.dll intptr getmenu(intptr)
2 user32.dll bool animatewindow(intptr, uint, uint)
2 user32.dll intptr beginpaint(intptr, winapi/paintstruct&)
2 uxtheme.dll bool isthemeactive()
2 uxtheme.dll int closethemedata(intptr)
2 uxtheme.dll intptr openthemedata(intptr, string)
1 advapi32.dll bool duplicatetoken(intptr, int, intptr&)
1 advapi32.dll bool logonuser(string, string, string, int, int, intptr&)
1 comctl32.dll int dllgetversion(dllversioninfo&)
1 comctl32.dll int drawshadowtext(intptr, string, uint, themes/rect&, int, themes/colorref, the
1 dwmapi.dll bool dwmiscompositionenabled()
1 dwmapi.dll int dwmextendframeintoclientarea(intptr, winapi/margins&)
1 dwmapi.dll void dwmextendframeintoclientarea(intptr, margins&)
1 dwmapi.dll void dwmiscompositionenabled(boolean&)
1 gdi32 int createrectrgn(int, int, int, int)
1 gdi32 int getdevicecaps(int, int)
1 gdi32 bool deleteobject(int)
1 gdi32.dll intptr deleteobject(intptr)
1 gdi32.dll int getclipbox(intptr, rect&)
1 gdi32.dll int excludecliprect(intptr, int, int, int, int)
1 gdi32.dll int selectcliprgn(intptr, intptr)
1 gdi32.dll int getworldtransform(intptr, xform&)
1 kernel32.dll void outputdebugstring(string)
1 kernel32.dll bool freelibrary(intptr)
1 kernel32.dll bool getfilemuipath(int, string, stringbuilder, int32&, stringbuilder, int32&, i
1 kernel32.dll int formatmessage(int, intptr&, int, int, string&, int, intptr)
1 kernel32.dll intptr getmodulehandle(string)
1 kernel32.dll int getdynamictimezoneinformation(nativemethods/dynamictimezoneinformation&)
1 kernel32.dll int getconsoleoutputcp()
1 kernel32.dll int16 getversionex(nativefunctions/osversioninfo&)
1 kernel32.dll int gettimezoneinformation(nativemethods/timezoneinformation&)
1 kernel32.dll bool getconsolescreenbufferinfo(intptr, coloredconsoleappender/console_screen_bu
1 kernel32.dll safelibraryhandle loadlibraryex(string, intptr, int)
1 libc void closelog()
1 libc void syslog(int, string, string)
1 libc void openlog(intptr, int, localsyslogappender/syslogfacility)
1 netapi32.dll int netmessagebuffersend(string, string, string, string, int)
1 ole32.dll int createbindctx(int, ibindctx&)
1 ole32.dll int getrunningobjecttable(int, irunningobjecttable&)
1 user32 bool drawfocusrect(int, nativefunctions/rect&)
1 user32 int setwindowtheme(intptr, string, string)
1 user32 int setwindowlong(intptr, int, int)
1 user32 int getwindowlong(intptr, int)
1 user32 intptr getdesktopwindow()
1 user32 bool setwindowpos(intptr, intptr, int, int, int, int, int)
1 user32 intptr getwindow(intptr, uint)
1 user32 bool systemparametersinfo(uint, uint, int32&, uint)
1 user32 bool iswindow(intptr)
1 user32 bool trackmouseevent(comboboxex/combotextboxmsghandler/trackmouseevent&)
1 user32 int setwindowrgn(intptr, intptr, bool)
1 user32 bool postmessage(intptr, int, int, int)
1 user32.dll intptr callwindowproc(intptr, intptr, int, intptr, intptr)
1 user32.dll intptr getwindowlongptr64(intptr, int)
1 user32.dll intptr sendmessage(handleref, uint, intptr, intptr)
1 user32.dll intptr setfocus(intptr)
1 user32.dll intptr setwindowlong(intptr, int, nativewindow/wndprocdelegate)
1 user32.dll intptr setwindowshookex(int, hook/mouseproc, intptr, int)
1 user32.dll intptr setwindowshookex(int, nonclienthook/mouseproc, intptr, int)
1 user32.dll intptr setwindowshookexkeyboard(int, hook/keyboardproc, intptr, int)
1 user32.dll string mb_getstring(int)
1 user32.dll void notifywinevent(int, intptr, int, int)
1 user32.dll intptr setwindowlong(intptr, int, intptr)
1 user32.dll bool destroyicon(intptr)
1 user32.dll bool drawcaption(intptr, intptr, nativefunctions/rect&, edrawcaption)
1 user32.dll intptr getfocus()
1 user32.dll bool translatemessage(msg&)
1 user32.dll int msgwaitformultipleobjectsex(int, intptr, int, int, int)
1 user32.dll int loadstring(safelibraryhandle, int, stringbuilder, int)
1 user32.dll int getwindowlong32(intptr, int)
1 user32.dll int getsystemmetrics(int)
1 user32.dll bool unhookwindowshookex(int)
1 user32.dll int getclassname(intptr, stringbuilder, int)
1 user32.dll int dispatchmessage(msg&)
1 user32.dll bool trackmouseevent(trackmouseevent)
1 user32.dll int setforegroundwindow(intptr)
1 user32.dll bool scrollwindow(intptr, int, int, rect&, rect&)
1 user32.dll bool enablemenuitem(intptr, uint, uint)
1 user32.dll bool getlastinputinfo(useractivity/lastinputinfo&)
1 user32.dll intptr beginpaint(intptr, paintstruct&)
1 user32.dll int trackpopupmenu(intptr, uint, int, int, int, intptr, intptr)
1 user32.dll bool peekmessage(msg&, intptr, int, int, int)
1 user32.dll int setwindowshookex(int, mousehook/hookproc, intptr, int)
1 user32.dll int setwindowpos(intptr, intptr, int, int, int, int, uint)
1 user32.dll bool endpaint(intptr, paintstruct&)
1 uxtheme.dll int setwindowtheme(intptr, intptr, string)
1 uxtheme.dll int getthemebackgroundregion(intptr, intptr, int, int, themes/rect&, intptr&)
1 uxtheme.dll int drawthemetext(intptr, intptr, int, int, string, int, int, int, themes/rect&)
1 uxtheme.dll int drawthemebackground(intptr, intptr, int, int, themes/rect&, themes/rect&)
1 uxtheme.dll int drawthemebackground(intptr, intptr, int, int, themes/rect&, intptr)
1 uxtheme.dll int drawthemebackground(intptr, intptr, int, int, rect&, rect&)
1 uxtheme.dll bool isappthemed()
1 uxtheme.dll bool isthemepartdefined(intptr, int, int)