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There are many pending classes that need to be implemented. Those have the highest impact in the Mono project: the sooner they are done, the sooner we can start using this platform to create new and exciting applications.

That being said, if you are not very excited about working on class libraries, here is a list of other related projects or tools that might be useful to the Mono project.

Here are a few ideas of tools, classes and projects that you could start. More are forthcoming.




This list of projects ideas is outdated

  • Once CORBA is done, implement the Bonobo interfaces to allow people to use Bonobo components in Mono and Mono components with Bonobo. The best of both worlds!

  • A naming space for Mono. An object naming space is a very powerful tool. Bonobo implements a moniker system that is more powerful than the original moniker concept that was pioneered by COM/OLE in the Microsoft world.

    Our implementation builds on a concept, and we have made it simpler, more powerful, more extensible and a much better mechanism than the equivalent monikers on Windows.

    Implementing Mono monikers would benefit both Windows users using .NET and Mono users on Unix and Windows.

    Here is an overview of the moniker system in Bonobo.