Mono Development Release

Mono is a minor bug fix release to Mono 1.1.8, for details on 1.1.8 see its release notes.

Important Bug Fixes in

Fixed a bug in our Socket.Select implementation that was introduced in 1.1.8 which failed to work on write/error descriptors (Gonzalo).

Fixed a long-standing deadlock in the runtime. This bug was only visible with heavy thread usage at startup on SMP systems but it would freeze certain applications (Beagle, iFolder and others). The bug has been finally squashed (Ben, Gonzalo).

MacOS X and MonoPosixHelper: in Mono 1.1.8 we shipped a non-working Mono.Posix runtime for OSX users, this has been corrected (Geoff).

Support code generated by latest IKVM (Zoltan).

Extra Comppiler Support

Support for NPTL as the default threading system: this will benefit Gentoo and Fedora Core 4 users (Ben).

Workaround GCC 3.3 bugs (exposed on AMD64, but possibly other platforms) (Zoltan).

Support for GCC4 has been added for SUSE 9.3+ and Fedora Core 4 users (Ben).

Special thanks to Marcus Meissner for his help.


Source code and packages are available from: