Mono Release Notes

Mono is a bug fix release in the release series.

Changes since


Fix assembler bug that tried to sign netmodules.

Assembler will now report a bug if two identical labels are declared on the same methods

On 2.0, support the "property" directive.


Make sure application start event is run before the request is processed.

Dont reset query string in Execute (78177).

Make sure that we can read a file before trasmitting it (fixes crash).

Added two tests (Bug 78101, DataSourceID).

Do not fail on events that do not derive from EventHandler, patch from Matthew Metnetsky.

Render some attributes inside span, not div tags (71251).

Fix searching of control by DataSourceID.


Allow posts of size zero (#78316)

Fix for proxy authentication over HTTPS, for Zen team (78150).


Do not capture compressed stack, this feature is not yet supported, fixes a crasher bug in ExecutionContext.

Add FileOptions, necessary for IronPython.

Fix incorrect buffer reading from console (78218).


Enable abbreviated handshake for SSL3 (Zen)

Deal with empy master secrets (78085)


Fix mono-find-provides, to not list private copies of assemblies (fixes conflict of MonoDevelop and third party rpms).


Fix for 78035.

Avoids a null dereferences in metadata, IPHostEntry

x86-64: Fix handling of MONO_INST_GENERICINST

Memory leak fix, when shutting down threads, clean the TLS: 77470.

Handle multiple leave statements in a try/catch, 78024.


Flag VB as unsupported.